Concept of human life. ENTER/EXIT.


This is my idea of the concept of our short human life. There are only two doors – entrance and exit. We enter our life and soon we find ourselves on the “stage”, a short stage life. We play and acting there very quickly and really have not enough time to understand what is going on. We are all play a role of a child, a working person, a lover, a friend, a parent and so on. But everything quickly ends. Life is like a one quick click of a camera. That is it. So, I see my vision of the concept of our life. I built this installation by myself for two or three months. I will be happy if you are find your own ideas in my conceptual Installation.



– Screws;

– clerical buttons;

– boards of different kinds of wood;

– plasterboard boards;

– metal corners;

– door handles;

– printed paper;

– glue for all types of work;

– Painting paint;

– cloth drape.


Additional information

Dimensions 87 × 60 in


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