Triangles. Breath and Breath Out. Diptych



Oil on canvas

size 30×48 inch each


I did not come up with my work. They come in my imagination in the final vision. I see them in moments of greatest relaxation or even during sex, when approaching a climax. This is amazing!

These two works I saw in my mind during sexual climax as the inhale and exhale at the same time. On these two paintings light falls from different angles. In one picture light is incident from above and in another picture light is incident from below. I wanted to convey as best as I can to breathe in and out right before the most delightful moment of every adult’s life. I hope I made this.

They are not the same! One of them is like a breath. The other one is like an exhale.  The light falls on these paintings differently.




Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 48 in


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